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Recycle Your Toner

Save the planet, and for a good cause.

Nearly everyone is affected by cancer at some point in their life. When you recycle your Laser Cartridges at WD, part of the proceeds will be sent to the City of Hope© Cancer Research Center to help fund their work to find a cure for cancer.

Sustainable Solutions

Save your business time and money now

The benefits of utilizing one vendor to all your supply chain needs saves your workplace time and money. Don’t know where to start? We got your business covered. Let this checklist guide you as you evaluate vendors to support your SCM initiatives.

On-Site Technical Repair & Service

Get the help you need, fast!

Receive technical repair and service for the following: Copiers, Printers & MPS, Coffee & Breakroom, and Snow & Outdoor Machine Repair Service. Need training on using certain equipment? No problem, we provide that too!   

Site Surveys 

Free of charge, we assess your workspace and find solutions to all your workplace challenges. After assessment, you are provided with a full report of recommendations to take your workplace to it’s full potential. Be sure to contact our Janitorial & Sanitation experts to schedule a Productivity Day to test our top of the line janitorial and sanitation equipment.

Docuware-Cloud Integration  

Remote work maximizes productivity at the workplace, and it’s becoming more common at many businesses. Ensure your documents are on a secure server and workflow automation software that can optimize the processes of your business. 

Inside Delivery  

Delivery that goes further than your doorstep. WD delivers directly to the hands of the receipt of your order products. Do you have multiple recipients? No problem. We deliver to any office or work-area you need the products to be. 

Products & Equipment Training  

Buying a new products for your workplace should simplify your processes, with a swift learning-curve. Our experts come to your location to teach your team how to maximize products to their full potential and properly maintain them. We offer this for any of our product lines. Our open-door policy allows for training anytime your workplace personnel needs it!

Interior Design  

Designing workplaces is our specialty! We match you to a workplace expert who provides CAD drawings based on what your workplace needs are. No matter how big or small the project is, we guarantee satisfaction with our interior design service.

Supply Chain Organization 

Optimize your supply chain processes with one vendor for all your workplace needs. Save time and money on your workplace processes with our supply chain workplace solutions today. 
Most Complete & Comprehensive Process
With multiple experts in every aspect at your service, we all work together to meet one goal: meeting your needs.
   Experienced Professional Account Managers that stay assigned to your account
   Single-Point-of-Contact Assigned Customer Service Representatives
   Courteous Warehouse Direct Employed Drivers
   Collaborative Approach to Meet Customer’s Goals