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Keeping Your Floors Sanitized Is More Important Than You Think

Sanitation has been the forefront of many business practices for 2020 and it's not going away anytime soon. As the fall season approaches, with both flu season and COVID-19 viruses peaking, has your workplace considered an effective sanitation program for your flooring? The experts at Warehouse Direct are here to educate you why you need to consider floor sanitation...

Stop Covid-19 Simply With Disinfectant Sprayers: Find Which Sprayer Is Right For Your Workplace

Sanitation practices have become the main talking points of most workplaces in recent months, which have left many workplaces wondering, "Are we effectively protecting our employees from COVID-19?". Our workplace solution experts have investigated this question to find the fastest, best & most complete sanitation program implementations are disinfectant sprayers and misters.

Working from home a pain in the neck? Your chair might be a problem.

It's been months since many Americans have built a temporary home office with or without the proper office equipment for the job. Computer work from your couch may be comfortable short-term, but is it a proper seat for 8 hours a day? New aches and pains in your neck, back, and body maybe your body's signal it's time for...

The Newest Trend In Workplace Health: Portable Sinks

In the workplace more than ever, handwashing is becoming the focal point of all workplace sanitation programs and policies. 2020 we present to you the newest trend in sanitation solutions for your workplace: Portable Handwashing Sinks. Here are a few reasons why to welcome them into your workplace: