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3 ways to support local Chicagoland business

Due to major temporary changes in life as we know it, it's more important than ever to support your locally owned businesses in the Chicagoland area. It's natural to feel a sense of disorganization in our community, but in order to overcome this pandemic, we must continue to create togetherness with continued business with our neighbors and friends.

Best Morale Boosters While Working Remotely

Working from home is an adjustment that many people have made within a couple of weeks' notice. While there are many benefits to work at home (Hello, comfy couch and sweat pants) there are times you may feel a bit isolated and alone during this time. Are you ready to smile? We thought so. Here are a few tips...

DIY Quick Home Office For Remote Workplaces

Within a week's worth of time, many Americans are finding their temporary office in the confines of their homes. Research has shown that telecommuting can contribute more productive and effective workdays, especially when equipped with the right furniture to get the job done. If you are currently working from home, here are a few DIY hacks and necessities to...