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5 overlooked ways to improve workplace health

It's easy to keep the work hustle going with a strong immune system at the workplace. The experts at Warehouse Direct (WD) have complied a quick list of simple ways to keep healthy that are often an afterthought in sanitation programs. Check out our 5 overlooked ways to keep yourself and your coworkers healthier at work:

Outdoor Workplaces Are The New 2020 Trend: Set Yours Up Now

The workplace is ever-changing, and this year we have all seen extreme changes and opportunities for a more innovative workplace. Due to the pandemic, we have found outdoor workplaces are becoming the new trend in workplace solutions, especially during the summer months. Providing an outdoor workplace may sound like a daunting task, but truly is a breath of fresh...

Working from home a pain in the neck? Your chair might be a problem.

It's been months since many Americans have built a temporary home office with or without the proper office equipment for the job. Computer work from your couch may be comfortable short-term, but is it a proper seat for 8 hours a day? New aches and pains in your neck, back, and body maybe your body's signal it's time for...