Micro Markets

Hundreds of wellness and food options at your worksite


A micro market is a small, unmanned retail space where individuals can
choose their favorite food and beverage items and pay through a kiosk.

A free service offered by the employer, micro markets offer a wide variety of
items that are restocked regularly.

Micro markets empower consumers with choice and the ability to pick among
so many different fun and exciting food and beverage options. Plus, each
micro market offering  customization is to your employee’s needs and preferences.

Let Us Build Your Micro Market

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WatersJuicesTeasCoffeesProtein & Energy DrinksDiet DrinksLow-Fat MilksYogurtsSmoothiesPuddingsCheesesLight Snack Chips & CrackersNuts, Nut Mixes & Grain SnacksNutrition & Meal Replacement Bars & ShakesLeaner/Healthier Frozen Meals & EntréesMeal KitsGrain CerealsFresh Real FoodsFresh FruitsFresh Vegetables & SaladsFrozen Fruit BarsLight Ice CreamsNatural Meat Snacks & Packaged FishSushi