Coffee & Breakroom

Versatile Equipment SelectionHighest Quality Beverages and SnacksMicro MarketsInstallation & Repair

Effective Breakroom Programs Lead to Happy and Efficient Employees

Coffee and breakroom needs for your entire workplace with express maintenance and repair service for peace of mind.

With coffee being the #1 beverage in America, it’s a smart move to invest in a coffee program. Create positive experiences and interactions with a state-of-the-art breakroom and coffee program at your workplace. With many options available, we can fit the bill for any workplace budget.

Choose from the many products and services for your Coffee & Breakroom:

• Self Service Micro Markets
• Multiple Coffee Options, including our own Chicago’s Best Perk blend which is roasted and ground locally
• Water Coolers and Repair Service
• Equipment often provided and serviced FREE OF CHARGE
• Teas, Cocoa, Sweeteners & Creamers
• Bottled and Canned Beverages
• Snacks, Candy and Soups

Our Solution

  • Support Structure
  • Fully trained equipment support.
    • Mobile techs drive a rolling warehouse of parts and equipment.
    • Service within 24 hours and our ‘hot swap’ program eliminates down time.
  • Versatile alternatives
    • Popular single serve options like Keurig, Mars Flavia, Starbucks and Soft Pods. Bean-to-Cup, Thermal Pot, wide variety of traditional glass pot brewers and other equipment solutions for the varying needs of the workplace.
  • Customized Convenience
    • One stop shopping via mobile app with scan to order.
    • Add on to other orders.
    • Free next day delivery with no minimum order.

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