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Office Insider: How to maintain a zero inbox

Did you know the average office worker receives 121 emails per day? With so much information to read and respond to, it is easy to understand how email inboxes become cluttered at the workplace. If this workplace problem sounds familiar, keep reading for expert tips from WD's Accounts Receivable Manager, Dana, and how she keeps her inbox at zero.

Office Insider: Human Resources Administrative Assistant

As a Human Resources professional, office products that are reliable and effective are key to get the job done right! Read below how WD's very own Karina, HR Administrative Assistant, manages her workload with her favorite office supplies:

What is Ransomware? And how you can protect your company from it.

Imagine someone locking you out of your house and demanding money in order to re-open the door. Sounds pretty intimidating and scary right? Now imagine this happening to your workplace computers and databases, and you have to make a tough decision to access your precious files. This is how one of the leading viruses in workplaces work: Ransomware.

Be the top dog at your workplace: 4 amazing tips to make you stand out

Ready to take the throne of the best employee at your workplace? With so many resources available at the click of a button, there is no reason to over-work when it's not necessary. So sit back, and read about products to invest in the person who deserves to be the best at all they do in the workplace: You. ...