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Be the top dog at your workplace: 4 amazing tips to make you stand out

Ready to take the throne of the best employee at your workplace? With so many resources available at the click of a button, there is no reason to over-work when it's not necessary. So sit back, and read about products to invest in the person who deserves to be the best at all they do in the workplace: You. ...

The Truth Behind Paper Towels: 3 Ways to Eliminate Waste At Your Workplace

Did you know your choice in a paper towel for your restrooms can change the environment and costs for your company? Warehouse Direct is here to guide you in your hand-drying options when comparing folded paper towels to rolled paper towels. Learn why your company should switch from folded to the rolled paper towel in your facility.

Spring Into Spring Cleaning: Top items to disinfect at your desk

It’s the most wonderful time of year: Spring Cleaning Season! Multiple studies suggest that a desk surface and its items are often dirtier than a restroom. To make your workplace healthier, and spring-ready, disinfect the following most-used-items at your desk.