Janitorial & Sanitation

Getting Ready for the “New Normal”

We all know we're in an unprecedented time. We hear about it on the news. It's in ads all around us. We're living it daily both at home and at work (nowadays, these are the same place). But as we are closer and closer to bending the curve, we can't help but look to the...

Take A Breath Of Fresh Air When You Return To Work

One day, things will be business as usual. One day, sooner than you think, you will be back in the facilities that were your home away from home: Your workplace, your school, your favorite restaurant, etc. Being proactive to prevent any further outbreaks of viruses is key to keep our community healthy.

Proper Handwashing To Prevent Illness

Let's face it, washing your hands is a routine and necessary task to remain healthy. Though you may have a handwashing routine down pat, did you know there is a method to wash your hands effectively to greatly reduce your risk of getting sick? The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends to take these simple steps to make handwashing...