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Get Prep & Prepared With Your Cold Weather Supplies: Free List Inside!

Hot weather is here for now, but cooler temperatures are waiting around the corner. Get your office prepped and ready for the first frost, starting with your workplace entryway, to keep your office productive and safe in the colder season. Check out our list below showing you our top 4 supplies for your entryway:

Here’s A Few Simple Ways To Spring Clean Your Breakroom

As the temperature begins to rise, there is no better time to do additional spring cleaning to keep your workplace organized and sanitary - especially in your breakroom. The experts have a few tips to get started on workplace clean up your breakroom to break into spring or re-open safely.

5 overlooked ways to improve workplace health

It's easy to keep the work hustle going with a strong immune system at the workplace. The experts at Warehouse Direct (WD) have complied a quick list of simple ways to keep healthy that are often an afterthought in sanitation programs. Check out our 5 overlooked ways to keep yourself and your coworkers healthier at work:

Keeping Your Floors Sanitized Is More Important Than You Think

Sanitation has been the forefront of many business practices for 2020 and it's not going away anytime soon. As the fall season approaches, with both flu season and COVID-19 viruses peaking, has your workplace considered an effective sanitation program for your flooring? The experts at Warehouse Direct are here to educate you why you need to consider floor sanitation...