Coffee & Breakroom

DIY Frappe Recipe

Do you like ice-cold blended coffee? Well, today is your lucky day! Today is National Frappe Day & the experts at Warehouse Direct have penned a simple Frappe recipe for you to enjoy at your workplace. Check out the recipe below and enjoy a Frappe to celebrate: Ingredients Folgers Instant Coffee Milk Sugar Ice Optional: Creamer of your choice & whipped cream Directions: Prepare Folgers Instant Coffee...

Here’s A Few Simple Ways To Spring Clean Your Breakroom

As the temperature begins to rise, there is no better time to do additional spring cleaning to keep your workplace organized and sanitary - especially in your breakroom. The experts have a few tips to get started on workplace clean up your breakroom to break into spring or re-open safely.

Keep Coffee Drinkers Happy With Regular Coffee Machine Cleaning – Here’s Why

Happy National Coffee Day! With coffee being the 2nd favorite beverage in the world, it's important to always have regular maintenance of your beloved workplace coffee makers. Keep your workplace caffeinated and happy with a free coffee service cleaning this autumn in celebration of today! If that's not enough, here are a few reasons you should consider cleaning your...