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Stop Covid-19 Simply With Disinfectant Sprayers: Find Which Sprayer Is Right For Your Workplace

Sanitation practices have become the main talking points of most workplaces in recent months, which have left many workplaces wondering, "Are we effectively protecting our employees from COVID-19?". Our workplace solution experts have investigated this question to find the fastest, best & most complete sanitation program implementations are disinfectant sprayers and misters.

Non-Contact Therometers Are Here To Stay: Here’s What You Need To Know

Going to work every day shouldn't be stressful, right? Checking employees' temperature prior to entering the workplace is a smart move and one that is here to stay to bring workplace employees peace of mind. Warehouse Direct is proud to present the most sanitary option to conduct temperature checks with our Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers (NCIT), an FDA-approved thermometer that's...

Outdoor Workplaces Are The New 2020 Trend: Set Yours Up Now

The workplace is ever-changing, and this year we have all seen extreme changes and opportunities for a more innovative workplace. Due to the pandemic, we have found outdoor workplaces are becoming the new trend in workplace solutions, especially during the summer months. Providing an outdoor workplace may sound like a daunting task, but truly is a breath of fresh...