Author - Genevieve Rahman

DIY Frappe Recipe

Do you like ice-cold blended coffee? Well, today is your lucky day! Today is National Frappe Day & the experts at Warehouse Direct have penned a simple Frappe recipe for you to enjoy at your workplace. Check out the recipe below and enjoy a Frappe to celebrate: Ingredients Folgers Instant Coffee Milk Sugar Ice Optional: Creamer of your choice & whipped cream Directions: Prepare Folgers Instant Coffee...

Get Prep & Prepared With Your Cold Weather Supplies: Free List Inside!

Hot weather is here for now, but cooler temperatures are waiting around the corner. Get your office prepped and ready for the first frost, starting with your workplace entryway, to keep your office productive and safe in the colder season. Check out our list below showing you our top 4 supplies for your entryway:

What’s New In The Breakroom?

With re-opening happening rapidly, your breakroom program needs to be up and running for all. Check out our quick starter tips in getting your breakroom program set up with safe & simple options that will keep everyone happy to be back at work again: Bring in single-serve coffee options for less contamination Single-serve coffees & teas can contribute to your breakroom...

Here’s A Few Simple Ways To Spring Clean Your Breakroom

As the temperature begins to rise, there is no better time to do additional spring cleaning to keep your workplace organized and sanitary - especially in your breakroom. The experts have a few tips to get started on workplace clean up your breakroom to break into spring or re-open safely.

Is Your Printing Area Re-Opening Ready? Find Out Now.

If it's been over a year since you have opened your copy paper at your workplace, your printing supplies may have passed their expiration date. With the pandemic beginning a little over a year ago and workplaces preparing for a full re-opening soon, the time is now to replace your expired copy paper for a productive re-opening. The experts...