3 Quick Last-Minute Halloween Celebration Ideas For Your Workplace

3 Quick Last-Minute Halloween Celebration Ideas For Your Workplace

Halloween is a fun celebration, and you can make something simple and memorable on short notice for your workplace! The expert at Warehouse Direct has a few ideas for your workplace to make your last-minute Halloween celebration a treat:

1. Host a virtual Halloween costume contest

Include your co-workers in and out of the office with a virtual Halloween costume contest! Decide what 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes are to encourage participation. Share the results of the contest with a photo submission from each participant and email to all your workplace for the bragging rights of all the winners!

2. Host a candy exchange at your workplace

Everyone loves a sweet treat throughout their workday, so hosting a safe candy exchange is a great option to celebrate Halloween! Ask all participants to bring a bowl with individually wrapped candy to share with the workplace. This quick & easy Halloween celebration is a crowd-pleaser for anyone who has a sweet tooth.

3. Host a Halloween Silent Disco

Take lunch hour to a musical, yet quiet level, with a Halloween silent disco. Create a playlist of everyone’s favorite spooky songs from your favorite Halloween movies. Have participants listen to the playlist during lunch hour at the same time, using their headphones only. Everyone will get a chance to listen to their favorite Halloween music while keeping the noise down!

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