What’s New In The Breakroom?

What’s New In The Breakroom?

With re-opening happening rapidly, your breakroom program needs to be up and running for all. Check out our quick starter tips in getting your breakroom program set up with safe & simple options that will keep everyone happy to be back at work again:

Bring in single-serve coffee options for less contamination

Single-serve coffees & teas can contribute to your breakroom sanitation program. Single-serve beverages can be used only once for one drink, making each coffee or tea made & consumed for only one person at a time.

Single-serve coffee & teas open opportunities for a variety of choices for all tastes. Whether you have tea drinkers, dark roast lovers, or flavored coffee enthusiasts & more, your workplace breakroom can house many types of single-serve coffee & teas to cater to all.

Have individually wrapped disinfectant wipes & cutlery at every table

Who says a communal place can’t be a safe place? Providing individually wrapped wipes & individually wrapped cutlery at every table & touchable area in your breakroom will show your workplace you care about their health & safety. Warehouse Direct has inexpensive wipes that are great for the breakroom and beyond, that are individually wrapped, kill viruses (including COVID-19), and can be used safely on hands & on surfaces. Check out our great deal on disinfecting hand wipes (1,000/case) before they run out!

Make your air cleaner with air purifiers

Outside of sanitation wipes, you can have a safer breakroom just by adding an air purifier. Certain air purifiers can captures allergens, certain VOCs, and microscopic particles from all directions, while a UV-C light kills germs and bacteria trapped in the filter. Our expert recommendation is to use TruSens Air Purifiers to help get your breakroom air cleaner, using UV smart technology.

In the warmer months, individual cold beverages are a must

There is nothing worse than coming to work, and the inventory on cold beverages is low and the temperature is rising. Individual water bottles, Gatorades, and cold brew coffee options will keep your workplace excited to come back to the office.

Workplace Tip: Make a self-serve area for your cold beverages with a Micro Market, where employees & guests can purchase their products & be kept in a cooler. Click here to learn about adding a Micro Market to your workplace.

Fuel your workplace with Power Bars

Everyone needs to eat at work, so make the choice to add power bars to keep the momentum going strong. Offering food at work can increase retention, morale, and increase workplace bonds with co-workers. Power bars are an excellent choice that is sanitary (individually wrapped), and are healthier than what one may find in a vending machine. Check out our power bar & snack bar options here to add to your breakroom.

Re-opening your breakroom does not have to be a hard task, the experts are here to help! Contact Warehouse Direct today by clicking here to get started on simplifying your breakroom program for re-opening today.

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