Here’s A Few Simple Ways To Spring Clean Your Breakroom

Here’s A Few Simple Ways To Spring Clean Your Breakroom

As the temperature begins to rise, there is no better time to do additional spring cleaning to keep your workplace organized and sanitary – especially in your breakroom. The experts have a few tips to get started on workplace clean up your breakroom to break into spring or re-open safely:

Get the experts involved in your cleaning regime

We all can clean, but can we all make educated choices on the best cleaning supplies, ways to sanitize, and keep our work personnel safe? The experts at Warehouse Direct want to take the pressure off, with a virtual or in-person workplace spring cleaning breakroom consultation. The best part for you? It’s 100% free of charge. Click here to make your appointment now for spring cleaning.

Clean your coffee machines if you have not been using them

Coffee machines are crucial to some people’s mornings, so make sure the machines are running smoothly for great tasting coffee! Get your coffee machine cleaned for spring to make your breakroom refreshed. Not sure how to clean your machine properly? We can help! Contact our experts for a coffee equipment cleaning to make your breakroom spring cleaning a breeze.

Empower your workplace to help in keeping your breakroom safe for spring

Providing one-use and effective sanitation materials in your breakroom is a powerful way to promote a healthy breakroom as the weather breaks. Keep it simple and effective – put sanitation wipes on each table in the breakroom, and around most-frequently touched objects to promote sanitation after every use.

Get sanitary with antimicrobial film

Did you know antimicrobial film can help reduce the chances of viruses staying on touched surfaces? The science behind the antimicrobial film is simple: The film’s active ingredient is ionized silver in a zeolite carrier that starts to neutralize bacteria, mold, mildew, and viruses on contact. This simple yet effective workplace product can be used on any surface.

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