Is Your Printing Area Re-Opening Ready? Find Out Now.

Is Your Printing Area Re-Opening Ready? Find Out Now.

If it’s been over a year since you have opened your copy paper at your workplace, your printing supplies may have passed their expiration date. With the pandemic beginning a little over a year ago and workplaces preparing for a full re-opening soon, the time is now to replace your expired copy paper for a productive re-opening. The experts have created a quick print checklist to get prepared for your office re-opening:

Copy paper goes bad, and can ruin your printer if it’s not replaced

Yes, it’s really true. If your copy paper has been sitting on the shelf for a year or more, it’s time to replace it. Copy paper that has reached or passed a year can cause jammed printers, undesirable print performance, and overall can be a huge headache for a workplace re-opening. Save yourself the nuance of bad print paper by replacing what is old, and create a plan for how much you need to order in the coming months.

Expert Tip: The experts recommend ordering enough to replace the old copy paper, and monitor the inventory after one month of your office is fully re-opened. From there, plan your orders on how much is being utilized, then reevaluate every quarter.

Check the expiration dates on your ink cartridges

Just like copy paper, ink for your printer goes bad, too. Check your ink cartridge boxes for an expiration date and replace any ink that has reached or passed the expiration date. The same goes for ink cartridges in the printer – if it’s been there for a year without use, it’s time to refresh your stock with new ink cartridges.

Get your printer serviced ASAP

Printers are machines, and machines need to be serviced regularly. It’s a wise choice to have your printers serviced and checked before your office doors re-open. This helps ease any hiccups that could arise from potential printer issues.

Looking to re-open and want to make sure your workplace is safe? The experts are available to schedule safe in-person or virtual service appointments to help make your office re-opening a successful experience! Click here to schedule an appointment with a GBAC certified technician to help your workplace safely re-open.

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