Welcome to 2021: The Year Of Technology

Welcome to 2021: The Year Of Technology

Welcome to 2021! Though 2020 was a year most want to leave in the past, the lessons & changes in workplaces will likely be here to stay. With many still working remotely and dependent on functioning away from peers, it’s a smart move to focus on long-term technology upgrades to your workplace. So, are you ready to boost up productivity for the year ahead? Check out our top products you want to get your hands on early to produce the best results:

1. Webcams For All Workplace Computers

With the uptick in virtual meetings, it’s a good idea to invest in webcams for computers if your workplace hasn’t already. The most beneficial aspects of webcams are that they make real-time, workplace meetings & brainstorming sessions possible, no matter where your colleagues are. Our experts recommend CyberTrack H4 1080P HD USB Manual Focus Webcam, which offers high-definition video quality, a built-in microphone & compatible with many video conferencing programs such as Zoom, Teams, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat.

You may be saying to yourself, many have a smartphone with a camera, why invest in webcams? It is true, smartphones have come into play during 2020 virtual meetings, but this method is not the most productive in a work environment. Webcams on a desktop or laptop make a remote workplace as professional as possible and show your employees their presence away from the office matters, which speaks volumes to all employees in a new year.

2. Earbuds For Virtual Meetings

Working from home has many benefits, but it’s important to keep distractions a minimum. In 2021, bring your workplace earbuds to maintain their focus from the outside noise from wherever they are working. The B- 13 Bass Earbuds with Microphone is a solid choice for any workplace. With a built-in microphone to make/take calls, your colleagues will keep their focus on what’s happening at work no matter where they are.

3. Personal Printers At Home

Staying away from the office in 2021 means that printer resources may not be available at the comfort of your colleagues’ homes. Buying a printer may seem like a big expense, but it doesn’t have to be. Get the most out of a one device that does it all (copy, fax, print & scan): LaserJet Pro MFP M227fdw Printer. Great for all industries, this printer is able to do most jobs that your colleagues need only using one machine. The best part? It includes HP ePrint, touch-to-print, and Wi-Fi Direct® printing, to get all your printing jobs done quickly.

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