Are You Ready For Fall? Find Out Now With Our Essential Fall Cleaning Checklist.

Are You Ready For Fall? Find Out Now With Our Essential Fall Cleaning Checklist.

It’s already Mid-September, and the fall season is approaching faster than you think. Have you made your fall cleaning checklist yet? With most workplaces approaching a hectic time of year, it’s time to get yours started. The experts at Warehouse Direct have 5 overlooked fall cleaning tips to start now, to prep for the colder season ahead:

1. Clean Your Most-Used Electronics

Take a look at your computer keyboard, your phone, and printer and imagine how often you touch these devices on a daily basis. Germs and viruses can stop transmission in their tracks if you clean your most-touched electronics daily. Our solution: easily accessible alcohol wipes jar conveniently located at your desk. Seeing the wipes on a daily basis will be a constant reminder to clean your electronics frequently!

2. Have Carpet Cleaning Solutions Ready For The First Snow

If there is anything we learned in 2020, is that being prepared for what is the come is the key to success. Though carpets are not typically at the forefront of people’s minds in fall, it’s a great time to have carpet cleaning solutions on hand now. With temperatures dropping fast, it’s only a matter of time until people being tracking in the snow on your workplace’s carpet. We recommend this carpet cleaning solution to have in stock now before the first snow hits. Be sure to look into mat solutions to stop any debris from trailing in at your workplace entry.

Bonus tip: Snow and ice season are closer than you think, so snagging ice melt while it’s available is a smart move. Check out our ice melt on sale now until the end of September. Make it a complete kit with ice melt carpet cleaner and floor mats to keep your carpets clean.

3. Add Air Purifiers Before Cold & Flu Season

Studies have shown that the air quality of enclosed spaces can determine the spread of germs & viruses. Investing in air purifiers for public places, such as the restroom and breakroom, can change the narrative of cold & flu season this fall. Get them installed and ready to go now to anticipate extra germs being brought into the office soon.

4. Clean Your Coffee Machines!

This is probably one of the most forgotten about workplace items that are used the most. Don’t forget to give your coffee supplies the TLC they need before everyone wants a hot coffee this fall. Our experts can walk you through the cleaning process or even better, have our techs come in to take the job off your hands! Contact us today to set up an appointment to get your coffee supplies cleaned for fall.

5. Wash Your Windows

How are your windows looking at your office? If you think it’s time for effortless spotless windows, we have the perfect solution for you. Get our simple window washing kit that’s light, compact, and requires zero cords or batteries. Your janitorial staff will thank you!


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