5 overlooked ways to improve workplace health

5 overlooked ways to improve workplace health

It’s easy to keep the work hustle going with a strong immune system at the workplace. The experts at Warehouse Direct (WD) have complied a quick list of simple ways to keep healthy that are often an afterthought in sanitation programs. Check out our 5 overlooked ways to keep yourself and your coworkers healthier at work:

1. Sanitize Your Shoes At The Door

Think about all the places you walk with your shoes and then compare it to the number of times you disinfect them. Most people do not consider how many germs they track with their shoes because many people do not think about disinfecting them regularly, if at all. Our solution is simple: Sanitizing Mats at entrances of the workplace. This keeps your talent healthy & productive without the germs and viruses that may be brought in with shoes.

2. Take Away Contact From Doors

Viruses can spread on frequently touched surfaces very easily, and doorknobs are a hot spot for multiple hands daily. Take away the contamination of a door with Hands-Free Door Openers. What do we love about it? You can get either a door opener that maneuvers by a foot or a forearm. Both options are easy to install and can be placed almost anywhere.

3. Get Your Devices Disinfected

Electronics such as cell phones, computers, printers, etc. are a frequent workplace zone that should be sanitized daily. Make it easy on your workplace team to promote wellness with disposable sanitation wipes available. We recommend providing wipes for individual desks and near community electronics, such as the office printer and breakroom. You can even make your own, learn how to by our experts here.

4. Paper Towels Are A Game Changer

Did you know that paper towels are more hygienic than air dryers? Air dryers actually can blow germs and viruses from hands around a bathroom, circulating to all your coworkers. We recommend making the switch to paper towels to promote single-use, cleaner air, and multipurpose usage outside of your restroom facility. Learn more about the benefits of paper towels here to learn more about why you should use paper towels over air dryers.

5. Individualize Breakroom Forks & Knives

Everyone at some point or another needs a fork or spoon from the breakroom. Imagine if someone grabs a utensil that isn’t covered in protective plastic – can you guarantee it’s not contaminated? The only way to lower the risk of spreading germs is by using individually wrapped cutlery. This will bring peace of mind that the only person touching a cutlery set is the person about to use it.

Need more ideas on how to keep your workplace as healthy as can be? Contact our experts today to get a consultation on other must-have supplies.

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