Real Customer Solutions: Barriers & Partitions In The Workplace

Real Customer Solutions: Barriers & Partitions In The Workplace

Are you in close quarters at your workplace with your coworkers? No need to worry, Warehouse Direct (WD) has a solution that we have implemented with a customer to provide social distancing without completely reinventing their workspace: transparent shields in cubicle spaces. Four reasons why your workplace should consider transparent barriers:

1. Cubicles are usually close in proximity, so creating transparent barriers create distancing that is higher than the cubicle walls. You or your cubicle neighbor inevitably need to talk, face to face. By creating a transparent barrier you can talk to your coworker without leaving your areas and still implementing safety.
2. Barriers are easy to install and can surround the cubicle without completely enclosing it. You don’t need to reinvent your current workplace layout to make a social distance a priority. Installs of transparent barriers are quick to set-up and do not disrupt workers who need to move around the office.
3. Transparent cubicle barriers provide safety while keeping an open aesthetic in your workplace. No one likes to feel boxed in their space. Transparent barriers are see-through creating an eye-catching addition while keeping your workplace safe.
4. Using the black holders like this photo, the transparent barriers can be easily added or removed from the cubicle walls, without causing damage. No need to worry about damage to your cubicle walls, we got you covered! Utilizing black holders makes adding and removing the barriers easy and does not cause damage to your office area.

According to the Center For Disease Control (CDC), it is recommended to install transparent shields or other physical barriers where possible to separate employees and visitors where social distancing is not an option. WD was able to install this solution to bring peace of mind when returning to the workplace. Check out the transparent shield solution gallery below and envision how this could improve your workplace during this time:

Are you ready to add in transparent barriers at your workplace? Let us help! Contact an expert to get started now.

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