DIY Patriotic Face Masks

DIY Patriotic Face Masks

Happy Fourth Of July! Though social distancing is the norm this year, it’s a great time to bring in the holiday spirit in a unique way! Make your face mask a patriotic symbol at your workplace with Warehouse Direct’s DIY Patriotic Tie-Dye Face Mask! Read below how to get started:

What You Need:


  1. Set-up your workplace with all the dyes set up, along with your table or outdoor space to do the dying. Make sure if dying on a table, cover the table with a table cloth or paper towel to keep the dye from spilling on the table.
  2. Prepare the mask by spraying water on it to dampen it. After the mask is damp, twist the face mask use the rubber bands to secure multiple twists in the mask. When twisting the mask, make sure to secure the twists in a pattern you like!
  3. Using the tie-dye kit, pour or squirt (if spray bottle is included) by the kit’s directions, or your very own style! Make sure to cover the mask with both red and blue equally to give it a true patriotic look.
  4. Once you have finished dying the mask, place the mask in a resealable bag. Leave the mask for 24 hours to get the most vibrant colors from the dye.
  5. After 24 hours, take out the mask from the bag and rise the mask in cold water until the water is clear. Once the water is clear, remove the rubber bands from the mask, rinse again, then finally machine wash & dry the mask per the mask’s tag directions. Once dry, enjoy and be creative & patriotic this year!

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