Single-Use Cutlery Is Important For Your Breakroom: Here’s why

Single-Use Cutlery Is Important For Your Breakroom: Here’s why

Thinking of new ways to incorporate social distancing in your company breakroom? One of the most touched surfaces people use in a breakroom is their cutlery, making it one of the most important places to start your breakroom social distancing plan. Read below why single-use individually wrapped cutlery is a workplace win during these times:

There May Be Health Benefits To Single-Use Cutlery

We don’t think much of it, but using our utensils is an important part of an American eating ritual. Every time you or your co-workers have lunch at work, there is bound to be a time when someone needs a fork, spoon, or knife. Providing individually wrapped cutlery means that one person should use it, and the only person who will touch it is the one using it. This makes fewer opportunities for contamination of a surface that goes directly in someone’s mouth!

Send A Powerful Message: Your Coworkers Health & Safety Matters

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but individually wrapped cutlery may mean so much more. Making the switch to wrapped utensils shows your workplace that contamination of cutlery is one less thing they need to worry about going to work again. Wrapped cutlery truly shows the health of those at your workplace matters, and that making the switch is an essential choice to keep your workplace sanitation policies up-to-date.

Instantly Make More Sinks Available For Handwashing

In times like this, more people are going to be washing their hands at the workplace. Welcoming single-use cutlery frees up a sink at the workplace to handwash in the breakroom. The more sinks that are available without a long wait to use, the more peace of mind your coworkers will feel upon returning to work in the office again.

Looking for the best individually-wrapped cutlery for your workplace? Check out our cutlery kits to improve your workplace sanitation plan for your breakroom today.

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