Housekeeping Tips To Keep Your Printer Safe & Sanitized

Housekeeping Tips To Keep Your Printer Safe & Sanitized

Workplaces are reopening, and that means all the essential workplace norms will be utilized by your work colleges. As much as you can social distance, there will still public workplace areas and equipment that need to be properly sanitized, including workplace printers. Keep yourself and others safe with Ricoh Best Cleaning Practices to clean your printer properly after every use. Check out our simple solutions for your printer sanitation questions below:

What Cleaning Solutions To Avoid

You don’t want to be responsible for a broken printer monitor! It’s important to know what your Ricoh touch-screen can’t handle. It’s best to avoid any cleaning solutions that contain Bleach, Ammonia, or other harsh solvents. These may be great for deep cleaning but can cause some serious problems with your monitor screen. Using bleach or ammonia can cloud the touch-screen of your printer, and then would need to be replaced.

What Products Are Best To Clean A Printer?

The good news is that a versatile range of products can be used to clean your printer. Most anti-bacterial wipes or sprays do a sufficient job of getting rid of unwanted germs. If you do decide to use a spray, we recommend NOT to directly spray the anti-bacterial on your printer. Spraying directly on the printer can cause the liquid to get inside the printer, which would lead to mechanical problems.

Use A Paper Towel?

We do not recommend using paper towels, because they can scratch the surface of the printer. We recommend using a lint-free microfiber cloth that keeps your printer safe and gets the job done. If you plan to use a disinfectant wipe, that is safe to use on the printer surface.

Are There Ways To Minimize Contact With Others Using A Public Printer?

The best way to keep a printer clean is by fewer people touching it, right? Our solution to keeping your Ricoh printer touch-free is using a stylus pen when maneuvering the touch-screen print controls. Use the stylus pen to click, then after every use, the pen is the only item that needs a deep clean. This saves the stress of someone not cleaning the printer or not cleaning it properly after it’s used.

In conclusion, the sanitation of your workplace printer is a smart program to put in place as soon as possible. Keep yourself and your coworkers peace of mind with a quick and easy sanitation program at your workplace today. Contact the experts now to get assistance on a customized plan for your needs.

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