Working from home a pain in the neck? Your chair might be a problem.

Working from home a pain in the neck? Your chair might be a problem.

It’s been months since many Americans have built a temporary home office with or without the proper office equipment for the job. Computer work from your couch may be comfortable short-term, but is it a proper seat for 8 hours a day? New aches and pains in your neck, back, and body maybe your body’s signal it’s time for a proper seating arrangement while on the job!

Sit back and read why your workspace should at minimum have an ergonomic chair at your home office:

A couch doesn’t provide the support needed for a workday

A comfy couch may be great to watch Netflix, but it’s not recommended for your workday 5 days a week, 8-9 hours a day. Couches are not designed to provide specific lumbar support that an ergonomic chair does. Think about it – does your couch provide two armrests at a 90-degree angle while you are typing your emails? Probably not. Your body needs to be aligned properly in order to not strain your neck or back while working.

Ergonomic Chairs Are Built For Long Periods Of Sitting

We can’t stress the importance of posture enough. Ergonomic chairs are the most ideal chair that you can use while working from home. They are made to reduce back pain and provide natural posture in a seated position (the magic number is 90-degrees for adjustable seat height). An ergonomic chair promotes proper hip alignment, therefore leaving your back with less pain, and more productivity!

Say Goodbye To Muscle Fatigue

Have you ever typed a long email or proposal, and your shoulders and arms were left tensed up? Without proper armrests at a 90-degree angle, your muscles in your arms and shoulders can be left in pain from long hours on the computer. Investing in a chair with proper armrests on both sides gives your body a break from muscle fatigue while working.

In conclusion, if working from home has been giving you neck and back problems, it’s time to look into an ergonomic chair for your home workplace solution. Warehouse Direct offers many options for HON Ergonomic Chairs that can be delivered 1-3 days! Contact the experts now to get started on a pain-free workday.

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