The Newest Trend In Workplace Health: Portable Sinks

The Newest Trend In Workplace Health: Portable Sinks

In the workplace more than ever, handwashing is becoming the focal point of all workplace sanitation programs and policies. 2020 we present to you the newest trend in sanitation solutions for your workplace: Portable Handwashing Sinks. Here are a few reasons why to welcome them into your workplace:

Handwashing prevents illness and infection

Proper handwashing is one of the most important steps in preventing the spread of illness, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Preventing illness means less infection spreads at a workplace and means more people are safe from communicable diseases.

Providing more opportunity to wash hands means it’s more likely people will do just that. A portable handwashing station has one function that promotes the health of those at your workplace.

Picture of HandStand™ 2 Standard Portable Sink

Portable sinks require no plumbing, but all the health benefits

The days of needing a water hook up are over with portable sinks. Many workplaces, such as warehouses, food industries, and agriculture businesses may not have sinks nearby for immediate use. A portable handwashing sink goes wherever your workplace community is, with the extra cost of plumbing with a traditional sink or kitchen area.

Crowded bathrooms are a thing of the past

It used to be a normal procedure to wait in line to use the bathroom, even if you only needed to use the sink. Thanks to portable sinks, the need to enter in the bathroom has diminished if the only purpose to enter is to handwash.

With new social distancing measures, it’s important to reduce the number of people congregating in one space. Portable sinks create an opportunity to lower the number of people who typically would wash their hands in the bathroom at the workplace.

Need more information about why portable sinks are the hottest trend your workplace should onboard? Contact our experts today to discuss our many sanitation solutions and get a customized plan for your workplace.

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