Health & Safety Solutions For Reopening Your Workplace

Health & Safety Solutions For Reopening Your Workplace

Welcome back to work! A plan for the health and safety of all workplace employees is imperative for positive morale and productivity. It’s simple to practice sanitation safety! Check out our best and easiest recommendations for sanitation stations within your workplace:

Add Personal Wipes To High Traffic Touchable Areas

No matter what is going on in the world, Americans still need their coffee in the morning! Keep everyone’s cup full in a safe way with the addition of personal hand wipes that kill viruses. Add these individually wrapped Antiseptic Alcohol & Benzalkonium Chloride Hand Wipes to your coffee & breakroom area to ensure everyone can have their caffeine fix without hesitation. The best part about these wipes? are Effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and penetrates dirt and Isopropanol Alcohol – A widely used disinfectant.

Don’t stop at just the breakroom, these disinfectant wipes can be placed at individual desks resulting in desktops with fewer germs. Encourage your employees to regularly wipe down their keyboards and computer areas with the wipes, therefore killing germs on these most used surfaces.

Bulk Hand Sanitizer Is Always A Win For The Workplace

There is something about the traditional pump hand sanitizer that brings peace of mind to all. Investing in bulk hand sanitizer is a solid choice during this time. Warehouse Direct recommends using hand sanitizer to keep the hands in your workplace clean and moisturized, all while killing 99.9% of germs.

The best places to have hand sanitizers available are high traffic areas, printing stations, personal offices, and most importantly, anywhere that does not have soap and water nearby for use.

Bulk Wipes For Large Offices

Does your workplace go through wipes canisters quickly? Bulk wipes are a simple solution our experts recommend. Bulk wipes such as FORCE Disinfecting Wipes come with 900 wipes per bucket, effective against 49 Pathogens, therefor keeping office surfaces safer from viruses.

These bulk wipes are great for individual use and for general office sanitation treatment. 900 wipes per bucket make sanitation a community effort by all workplace personal.

Above all, any of the above sanitation solutions are key to a safe and successful reopening of your workplace. Do you need a customized sanitation plan to get started? Contact our Janitorial & Sanitation experts today for a consultation.

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