Create A Social Distancing Environment For Less Money: Here’s How

Create A Social Distancing Environment For Less Money: Here’s How

Social distancing within a workplace is simple, we promise. Check out our favorite social distancing favorites by HON to have your workplace ready within days for all your visitors to feel safe and empowered returning to work:

Workplace Cubical Inspiration

Are your workplace cubicles too close for comfort to practice safe social distancing? You don’t need to reinvent the wheel with your office furniture solutions. Adding protective barriers, such as end panels and glass sliding doors, create distance in close spaces. Bonus: Mesh panels, glass, and plastic can be disinfected and cleaned!

Workplace Lobby Inspiration

Don’t close off the lobby completely after your workplace re-opens. Adding panels and other protective barriers can still bring use in these areas during the new normal. Tip: Add tables between seating to create space between seats in a lobby area.

Workplace Conference Inspiration

Conferences are not a thing of the past with a few simple adjustments. Panels in between seats or across the table barrier make conference settings safe for all attendees. Some barriers include wheels making them accessible to move in different rooms or remove whenever needed!

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