Is Handwashing Just As Good As Hand Sanitizer?

Is Handwashing Just As Good As Hand Sanitizer?

Have you run out of hand sanitizer at your workplace? Staying healthy is simpler than you think! Hand sanitizer has been a hot commodity for months as our world fights back against COVID-19. Lately, the high demand for hand sanitizer causes many workplaces to fall short in supplying a large quantity of it. Many recommend hand-washing as an alternative solution, but is it just as good as using hand sanitizer? Like all workplace challenges, Warehouse Direct has an answer for this workplace solution!

According to The Center for Disease Control (CDC), regular handwashing is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to others.  Keep reading to learn the amazing benefits of keeping your hands clean the old fashioned way:

Hand-washing Effectively Kills Germs

Proper hand-washing still remains the most effective way to kill germs. Why you may ask? Because the action of hand-washing with soap and water removes germs from the skin. Pathogens can enter through eyes, nose, and mouth, which happen to be a few of the most frequent places people touch on their bodies. In short, the more someone washes their hands, the less likely unwanted germs will be present.

Hand-washing stops transfer of germs on objects

How many people a day use a door to enter your workplace, breakroom, conference rooms, or restrooms? These necessary entrances are also a gathering spot for many viruses and germs. Imagine if everyone washed their hands before opening any of these doors. Fewer germs would be transferred, and more people would remain healthy! Many viruses, like Covid-19, can be contracted by surfaces that have the virus. It’s important to wash hands properly and thoroughly before and after frequently touched surfaces in your workplace.

The ingredients are easy to find: Soap & Water

The best part about washing hands is all you need is two ingredients: Soap and water. It doesn’t matter whether the soap is anti-bacterial or regular, or the water used is hot or cold. What is key is if the hand-washing is properly done. Not sure how to properly wash hands? Check out the CDC’s recommendation on how to wash your hands to save lives.

So, what’s the verdict? In a fully functioning workplace, there needs to be ample attention paid to hand sanitization and washing. Ideally, all businesses should provide hand sanitizer and handwashing stations. Therefore, if you can’t get your hands on hand sanitizer (no pun intended), soap and water work just as well!

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