Here’s what you need for a healthy workplace.

Here’s what you need for a healthy workplace.

One day, you will return to work again. You and millions of American’s will break away from the barriers of home, and back to the hustle and bustle of their jobs. However, the world as we know it is embracing the “new normal” that safeguards our health in social settings. Have you considered what it will take to have a healthy workplace in the future not-so-far ahead? Keep reading to get Warehouse Direct’s expert furniture enhancements for your workplace:

Social Distancing In Social Areas

The future of your office space is projected to be together but with additional precautionary protections. Think of your work area as a welcoming subdivision who also needs privacy fences. Some of these protective barriers between your coworkers depend on your type of space. Here are a few examples below from CBRE:

Panel-based & L or U Shaped Solution:

Does your workplace desk have panels and surrounded by your favorite coworkers? Go back to work with peace of mind with a higher panel in-between your L or U Shaped cubical design. The higher the panel, the more protection your workplace will have from spreading germs. Use a glass or clear panel barrier to still maintain an open space feel.

Collaborative Space Solution

Redesign your layout to be back-to-back to create protection. The fewer people are facing a coworker, the more natural barriers are created between others. Also, invest in cleanable fabrics on your cubicle walls to ensure an easy disinfect and sanitation process for your office furniture.

Height Adjustable Solution

Does your office use sit-stand desks? No problem. Look into office barriers that support desks that are taller or a standard height in one place. Use a 50′ panel made of glass, acrylic or laminate, which are all easily cleanable materials for your workplace.

The health in your workplace is the best investment your business can make before everyone returns to their post again. Contact our experts to get a quick assessment of tailored solutions for your workplace.

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