Take A Breath Of Fresh Air When You Return To Work

Take A Breath Of Fresh Air When You Return To Work

One day, things will be business as usual. One day, sooner than you think, you will be back in the facilities that were your home away from home: Your workplace, your school, your favorite restaurant, etc. Be proactive in preventing further outbreaks of viruses by keeping your indoor air in its purest state.

If you haven’t considered an air purifier for your workplace, the time is now. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Indoor air quality is 5x more polluted than outdoor air and has a direct impact on those in those public spaces.
  • Air is more likely to spread flu and other illnesses, due to droplets being spread via cough in the air you breathe in.
  • Devices that can reduce the airborne levels of Influenza, such as the Fellowes AMP Air Purifiers, should reduce airborne transmission of viruses indoors.
  • The Air Purifier has an H1N1 Certification – showing 99.999% of airborne removal when using AM PRO.

Be ready to be healthier at your workplace prior to your return. Check out Warehouse Direct’s Air Purifier options for your workplace by clicking here.

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