Orange Emergen-C Spritzer Mocktail

Orange Emergen-C Spritzer Mocktail

Are you in need of a happy hour drink that’s good for your immune system? Get a quick and healthy energy boost with this mocktail you can make easily at home or at the office:

1 Emergen-C Super Orange Packet
2 lime slices
2 lemon slices
1 cup of sparkling water of your choice
Splash of Cranberry and Orange Juice

1. Put lime and lemon slices in your water cup. Muddle fruits on the bottom of the cup if desired.

2. Pour the Emergen-C packet in the cup with fruit. Layer with ice to fill the cup.

3. Pour sparkling water in the cup with other ingredients, then top with a splash of orange juice and cranberry juice. Mix all ingredients with a spoon.

4. Enjoy!

Quick benefits of Emergen-C:
Combat employee illness and lost productivity with this extra power-packed drink mix designed to boost immune systems. The powerful blend of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidant power and electrolytes makes these drinks as beneficial as they are delicious.

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