Best Morale Boosters While Working Remotely

Best Morale Boosters While Working Remotely

Working from home is an adjustment that many people have made within a couple of weeks’ notice. While there are many benefits to work at home (Hello, comfy couch and sweat pants) there are times you may feel a bit isolated and alone during this time. Are you ready to smile? We thought so. Here are a few tips to keep your morale at bay and connected to your team:

Virtual Check-Ins

Are you feeling like a bit of a loner without seeing your work team? Arrange a virtual check-in to make sure your team feels supported virtually. Treat this meeting as a time to discuss work tasks, but focus on the wellness of your team, also. Make it a point to find solutions to workplace remote challenges and provide as much moral support as possible.

Virtual Coffee Breaks

One of the best workplace benefits is to have a quick coffee-break with your favorite co-worker. Pencil in some time daily to take a break and video-in your co-worker to enjoy a midday caffeine break. Surely, they will appreciate seeing you and it will result in an instant smile for you both!

Virtual Lunch & Learns

Utilize the remote work opportunity to teach your staff (or they teach you) a workplace hack for your job or your industry. Assign each person on your team lunch & learn topics to discuss for a remote meeting. It will give your staff a chance to create an educational opportunity during this time being physically apart.

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