3 Places Not To Take Your Cell Phone

3 Places Not To Take Your Cell Phone

Cell phones are arguably the most used form of communication and daily vice in the United States. Most people use their phones in many locations, including places most likely home to germs, viruses, and dirt.

Research shows that cell phones could be a major culprit in the transmission of bacteria and viruses we encounter. Luckily, there are ways to keep your phone safeguarded from welcoming unwanted germs on a daily basis. Here are a few tips from Warehouse Direct to keep your phone clean from bacteria:

Your phone shouldn’t be your plus one during bathroom visits

Do you scroll while using the toilet? You’re not alone, but you should stop doing this for sanitary reasons. 3 out of 4 American people either text, call or scroll while in the restroom according to a 2018 survey. With this being said, there are also many germs that circulate in restrooms and becomes more evident in public restrooms. Keep your phone away from the bathroom so your phone screen is free of bathroom germs.

Public Transit phone use should be kept at a minimum

With so many touched surfaces on buses and trains, it’s only a matter of time for any unwanted bacteria to end up on your cell phone screen. Though it is tempting on a long ride, try to keep your cell phone usage at a minimum on public transit. If you do decide to use your phone, be extra vigilant to not touch railings or handles why you are commuting.

Go old school: Print out recipes

With apps like Pinterest and even google, many people utilize their phones to find their favorite recipes to cook in the kitchen. While you are doing your next cooking session, use your recipe print-out or book to read off of. When using your cellphone while cooking, you may accidentally cross-comminate uncooked food on your cellphone surface. Unless you are cleaning your cellphone after you cook, you may have germs ending up on your hands or face from the screen.

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