3 Easy & Quick Ways To A Green Breakroom

3 Easy & Quick Ways To A Green Breakroom

The year is still young and there is no better time to make a commitment to bettering your life and the environment. Begin the new decade with your community in mind starting at your workplace’s breakroom.

So you may be thinking, where do we begin? With so many sustainable options, choosing a starting point can be overwhelming. Below are three quick and easy sustainable options to begin the transition to a green breakroom:

  1. Sustainable Hot Cups
    During the colder months, hot foods are a constant lunch item on everyone’s list. Investing in a sustainable yet effective hot cup is an easy switch when making an eco-friendly breakroom. Try these 12 oz white hot cups that are certified sustainable to the Sustainable Forestry Initiatives (SFI®) and FDA Approved for Food Contact, that’s good for the environment and safe to use for food products!
  2. Plant-based Culterly
    What does corn and potato starch make? These compostable forks for your breakroom. Welcome forks that are safe to use and an eco-friendly item that leaves a carbon footprint. Using Plant Starch Material (PSM) and is FDA Approved for Food Contact, these plant-based forks will dispose only of natural materials in the environment.
  3. Sugar Cane Plate
    In this case, adding more sugar to your plate can be a good thing! Try using these sugarcane-based plates for your meals in the breakroom. The plates are produced using the Highest Quality Bagasse – a by-product of the sugarcane refining process and FDA Approved for Food Contact. Bonus: They are microwave- and freezer-safe to enable easy heating or cooling.

Are you ready to transform your breakroom into a sustainable environment? We can make the process easier than you think. Contact our Food Service Experts today to get a free consultation.

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