Office Insider: How to maintain a zero inbox

Office Insider: How to maintain a zero inbox

Did you know the average office worker receives 121 emails per day? With so much information to read and respond to, it is easy to understand how email inboxes become cluttered at the workplace.

If this workplace problem sounds familiar, keep reading for expert tips from WD’s Accounts Receivable Manager, Dana, and how she keeps her inbox at zero:

  1. Create subfolders to sort the different emails I receive. This helps me stay on top of who is sending me emails and where to find the emails I need.
    *I also have a pending folder for any emails I need to respond to but am waiting for more information from someone else before I can complete my part.
  2. Create Quick Steps – For quick sorting of emails. (mark read, move to…) I don’t like to spend more time than I need to sort my emails. This helps keep my email sorting productive.
  3. Delete any emails that are not needed (spam/junk). I rid of anything that I don’t need right away – Out of sight, out of mind!
  4. Move any non-actionable emails to their folders (notifications, reminders, etc). Again, I don’t want to see emails in my inbox unless they are a task I have not completed yet.
  5. If I need to handle anything where I need to request information from someone else, I move these emails to my “pending” folder. I usually check this folder every couple of days to make sure these tasks are on the right track to be completed.
  6. Lastly, I sort through what’s left in my inbox. I handle these emails accordingly and move to their subfolders once completed.

As long as I keep up with my work, the above steps help me keep my inbox at zero!

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