4 Easy Ways To Digitally Clean Your Workspace

4 Easy Ways To Digitally Clean Your Workspace

Spring cleaning isn’t limited to the office breakroom or floorboards. Digital clutter on your computer is a common nuance in the workplace that can cause a lack of cybersecurity.

If you want to start 2020 on the right foot with fewer opportunities for cyber breach of your private documents, read below our best digital clutter fixes for your business:

1. Delete irrelevant emails
Email is a necessary communication tool for most businesses, but sometimes it can be overwhelming to keep up with. Look at your emails from the previous year and rid of the messages that aren’t needed for the new year. This will help you stay organized and fewer opportunities for a breach of information.

A quick tip: Get rid of your emails faster by grouping your emails by sender. That way if there is a common email you want to delete, you can delete it in bulk!

2. Declutter your desktop
Sometimes life happens, and your computer desktop background is full of files that are barely opened (if ever). The procedure is simple: drag & drop the unused and unwanted applications, screenshots, and files to the recycle bin.

3. Delete old/used accounts
Email accounts have become easy to create, but also easy to lose track of. If you have an account that is unmanaged regularly, you are opening yourself up to unnecessary cyber vulnerability. Delete any old or unused email accounts to save yourself the grief of someone hacking into it and stealing your personal information.

4. Use a cloud-based database
The ultimate way of recording keeping digital documents and saving space on your desktop is getting the cloud at your workplace. Cloud computing is the most organized way to store your data securely, with little to no maintenance. It also opens up opportunities to work-offsite and provides additional flexibility to access your most important files at work.

Would your business benefit from a digital declutter or switching to a cloud-based database? We can help you manage the project! Contact the WD Managed IT Department today for a free consultation for your early-bird digital spring cleaning.

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