Office Insider: Human Resources Administrative Assistant

Office Insider: Human Resources Administrative Assistant

Kariina, HR Administrative Assistant at Warehouse Direct

As a Human Resources professional, office products that are reliable and effective are key to get the job done right! Read below how WD’s very own HR Administrative Assistant, Karina, manages her workload with her favorite office supplies:

My Workplace Routine

Every day is always different which I enjoy because I am always learning something new. I always check my email first in my daily work routine. Communicating with co-workers and employees is a huge part of my job, so I make sure to get back to employees with any questions they might have. I also check to see if there are any meetings or conference calls I have to attend and also keep track of new hires so I can meet with them for orientation. I am heavily dependent on my computer and my phone to stay in constant contact with those at my workplace.

Favorite Office Accessory

My favorite office accessory is my paper shredder. Working in HR, I process confidential documents, so I must have it available at all times. When I first started working at WD, my Supervisor asked if there was anything I needed. I immediately asked for a paper shredder. I never thought I would love having a paper shredder – It’s my side-kick (next to me at my desk 🙂 )

My Secret Office-Hack

It’s pretty funny, but I have used paper clips in my hair. Sometimes if I am rushing to work in the morning I forget to bring bobby pins. The not-so-fun part is taking them out of my hair, but I learned to unfold the paper clips and I remove them easily.

Products I always have on-hand

Products that I always have on hand are my notebook, a pen, a highlighter, and post-its. I write down everything! That’s the way I learn. I use my highlighter a lot to remind me when something is important and it needs to get done right away. My post-it notes come in handy whenever I forget my notebook (which is rare, but it happens) or just to write down a quick note to a co-worker or reminders to myself.

Workplace Envy

I wish I had a better organization of my workplace items. I am constantly finding ways to keep track of everything. Luckily, we have a fantastic database that keeps track of documents for each employee; that is a huge help for me. Working in HR, being detail-orientated and super organized is key to be successful.

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