Easy Workplace NYE Resolutions you should consider and keep at

Easy Workplace NYE Resolutions you should consider and keep at

Keep your eye on your future workplace accomplishments with WD’s easy workplace new year resolutions.

Happy new year and welcome to a new decade! New year resolutions are the trademark to a new (and better) future that is ahead… So why not have a resolution for your career?

Below are 4 easy workplace resolutions that will make you feel more fulfilled at your job and want to keep doing all of 2020: 1.

  1. Give yourself kudos
    Hitting the grind day in and day out is not an easy task, and 2020 most likely will have many exciting opportunities as well as challenges at your workplace. Be sure to take the time daily to acknowledge your accomplishments this year, and even better write them down! Writing down how much you contribute to your workplace is motivation to keep the momentum going, and great news to share with the boss at your next meeting.
  2. Make healthier choices for your body
    The #1 new year resolution is to lose weight. Why not try to lose it while at work? Spend a part of those 40 hrs (give or take) taking a walk around the office or working out during your lunch hour. This can not only shed a could pesky pounds, but get you motivated to eat healthier during your work week too!
  3. Become a sustainable workplace (The planet will thank you)
    With the new decade upon us, take time to seek out products and processes that support positive environmental impact. One easy and impactful way is to create an Energy Management program at your office. Investing in LED and energy-efficient office supplies at your workplace helps manage energy consumption but can save big bucks on your energy bill in 2020.
  4. Celebrate your team’s successes
    It’s human nature that we don’t spotlight our accomplishments as much as we should. One way to recognize your team’s wins and to boost employee morale by organizing a reoccurring potluck throughout the year. It’s a great way to keep your coworkers excited about work and let’s face it, no one minds extra food during a long workday.

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