Stay out snow stains! Keep your office clean this winter from Ice Melt

Stay out snow stains! Keep your office clean this winter from Ice Melt

Do you have an influx of snow residue on your workplace floors? This common winter problem can turn from an annoyance to a liability. Ice melt, a common winter safety product, can track in unwanted residues and create unsafe surfaces on the flooring. With excess ice melt and wet floors, your workplace can become a challenging place to clean and not dry enough to walk on.

With a few simple and effective winter workplace solutions, stop the snow from following you in your office. Check out Warehouse Direct’s quick tips to keep the snow and ice melt outside:

1. Continue to maintain your workplace’s outer appearance

Using ice melts are a necessity for workplace safety. Continue to maintain walkable areas outside your workplace with ice melts all winter. Keeping areas outside just before entering a building as clean and ice-free as possible helps to prevent additional ice melt and water residue tracking.

2. The combination is key: Use good quality wipe and scraper matting.

The first step of combating ice melt residue is additional floor matting in the winter months. Use at least 15 feet of walk-off matting at all entries of your workplace. Using a two-step system of wipe and scraper matting catches the ice melt and water residue before it tracks into the rest of the office.

3. Daily upkeep of flooring

In entry areas where ice melter tracking is likely to occur, clean carpets with ice melt stains and residue. You can use Nyco Trax Buster to remove ice melt residue and stain quickly from your workplace.

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