5 last-minute ways to celebrate Halloween at the workplace

5 last-minute ways to celebrate Halloween at the workplace

Let your inner-kid out this Halloween, even if your planning is last minute. Check out our top 5 ways to celebrate Halloween with your co-workers in the next couple days below:

  1. Wear a costume! As long as your costume is not offensive and is workplace appropriate, why not get into the spirit of Halloween? This once a year opportunity may make you the talk of the office in a positive way!
  2. Want to throw a quick office party or potluck to celebrate? Get your mass email ready to send to your coworkers who may be just as excited as you are. Be sure to contact your Human Resources department first to make sure that it is OKAY to have a Halloween gathering last minute.
  3. Want to show some Halloween spirit without a costume? Decorate your cubical or desk in your favorite orange and black decor. A quick trip to the dollar store can go a long way for your deskspace for the holiday!
  4. Can’t throw a Halloween party last minute? Bring on the Halloween candy at your desk. Your co-workers will appreciate it, and better yet, may participate in bringing candy to share as well. Host your on trick-or-treat party in your work aisle.
  5. Can’t do any of the above? Find some great Halloween music to jam out to at your desk. Be sure to use headphones so you don’t disturb others while they are working!

Want some help getting holiday spirit items for your next holiday party? Contact our Print & Promotional Department for our best tips and tricks.

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