Eat Better, Eat Together: Make Your Workplace Team More Productive

Eat Better, Eat Together: Make Your Workplace Team More Productive

October is Eat Better, Eat Together Month, which celebrates the act of socializing over meals. Believe it or not, socializing while eating brings opportunities to get to know your coworkers, collaborate on ideas and make your workplace a happier more productive place to be.

With more people choosing to eat at their office, it is vital to provide a communal place and food options for your workforce to break bread. Need more reasons why to implement a food program at your workplace? Check out our top 3 reasons why below:

1. Connect with team leaders

Have you ever wanted a chance to connect with your supervisor outside of meetings, but have never gotten around to it? A great way to have more personal discussions is at lunch hour. Since most people are short on time during the workweek, eating lunch at your workplace is a great way to spend an hour chatting without worrying about losing time at work. The best part of these lunches? They usually result in transparent and helpful conversations about your job performance.

2. Eating Together = Productivity

Being glued to your desk may seem like you’re the most productive worker at your company, but it could be doing the opposite for your work performance. Movement and communication with your peers are essential to feel better at your job which can result in more tasks being accomplished. Think about how a weekly team lunch can benefit you and your coworkers – so many can be discussed over a great meal!

3. Eating together is an instant relationship builder

Being new to a job is always intimidating. Not knowing who to talk to during the day can make work-life lonely when you’re the new person. Break rooms are a great place for new and seasoned employees to chat and get to know each other. 20 – 30 minutes of conversation for a new employee can drastically change their work experience while at the job. From learning about their peers to their work environment, the positive benefits of a breakroom is a smart investment.

Ready to get breakroom options in place for your employee wellness program? Talk to us! Click here to learn more today.

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