Fall into great ideas: Autumn decor for your workplace

Fall into great ideas: Autumn decor for your workplace

Welcome fall! Autumn leaves, cooler temperatures and cozy clothes are stable to welcoming the new season. Bring comfort and warmth in your work area with easy DIY fall decorations. Check out Warehouse Direct’s ideas below:

1. Candy

Chocolate and fall seem to be the perfect pairing for the workplace. Adding an M&M dish with red, yellow, and brown colors is an easy add and keeps your co-worker’s appetite fulfilled. Check out our delicious candy options here for fall.

2. Colored Leaves

Make a run to the dollar store and hang fall leaves around your desk area. It adds the new color for the season without breaking the bank. Once the season ends, find a place to store your decor to reuse again for the following year,

3. Fall Colored Office Supplies

Ever thought of adding orange, red, or dark green post-its to your workspace? A quick change of office supplies can bring in the fall spirit in a conventional way. Add one of our red staplers as a fall statement piece for your cubical.

4. Computer

Probably the quickest and easiest fall decoration is your computer wallpaper. Do a quick google search of your favorite fall images and swap out your current wallpaper for the season. It’s a nice reminder of what is outside when you leave your workplace!

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