What is Ransomware? And how you can protect your company from it.

What is Ransomware? And how you can protect your company from it.

Imagine someone locking you out of your house and demanding money in order to re-open the door. Sounds pretty intimidating and scary right? Now imagine this happening to your workplace computers and databases, and you have to make a tough decision to access your precious files. This is how one of the leading viruses in workplaces work: Ransomware.

Ransomware can cause serious problems in your workplace. In 2018 alone, the IC3 responded to over 350,000 complaints, an average of more than 900 a day, and observed an estimated $2.7 billion in financial losses as a result of reported cybercrime ( https://www.securityweek.com/business-email-compromise-still-reigns ). The best way to stop Ransomware at your company is prevention. Keep reading below how you can stop a future ransomware attack before it begins:

How to prevent a ransomware attack

Back-up your data

Having back-up storage of all your companies data is key to fighting against a ransomware attack. This is the first step in preparing for an unfavorable virus attacking your systems. Even though it does not prevent the potential attack from occurring, if it happens you can restore operations and data without much hassle.

Most data can be backed up by the cloud or an external server. If your company has neither of these options in-house, you can always look into outsourcing this service. Warehouse Direct offers many options in our Managed IT department for data-backups.

Stay up-to-date

Your security technology should be as robust and innovative as current technology trends are. Hackers are consistently learning new ways to breach data, no matter how secure your measures have been. One way to stay preventative is keeping your computing systems up-to-date. According to the May 2016 Duo Security report, only 35% of Windows users have upgraded to Windows 8.1 or 10, and 53% of Mac OS users are on the latest version ( https://www.cloudwards.net/why-businesses-should-care-about-ransomware/). Having an out of date computing system leaves room for hackers to successful hack your workplace.

I’ve been attacked – what do I do?

Sometimes, no matter how many protective measures your company has made, hackers still can manage a way to cause disruption to your data. In the event that this happens, below are some FBI recommendations to address and control the breach:

• Follow your company emergency plan and start protecting data

• Call the local FBI field office to report and get guidance

• Gather as much evidence of the cybercrime as possible

• Conduct internal analysis from a copy rather than original (if possible)

• Gather all pertinent log files including DNS, firewall, proxy, system event logs, etc. Contact ISP for the possibility of additional logs.

• Conduct damage assessment including damage valuation

Ready to invest in protecting your data with up=to-date technology? Click here to contact our Managed IT department to get started.

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