Office Insider: Janitorial & Sanitation Edition

Office Insider: Janitorial & Sanitation Edition

Ready to learn about the top of the line Janitorial and Sanitation supplies to prep for the fall season? With the help of Warehouse Direct’s SVP of Logistics, Curtis, get insider knowledge about the latest and greatest in Janitorial & Sanitation solutions:

CleanMax™ Zoom 800 Cordless Vacuum

Looking for a cordless vacuum that’s lightweight and simple to use? Try the Zoom Cordless Vaccum. The 44-volt lithium-ion battery pack gives an approx. cleaning time of 50 minutes. The best part? You no longer have the need to wind and unwind the cord before and after use. “With a less than 2 hour recharge time, it’s almost always available to use,” said Curtis. “I highly recommend this piece of equipment for all workplaces.”

Clarke CA60 Boost Automatic Floor Scrubber

Get cleaning done in one shot with the Clarke CA60. It’s one of the few walk-behind scrubbers with enough pressure for one-pass cleaning, which saves you time and money on cleaning! Curtis said that this is a top seller for many of WD customers. “It is an excellent piece of equipment for removing floor finish. It possesses a 16-gallon tank for longer cleaning runs and features a Boost deck that can be raised and lowered with the flip of a switch. I would highly recommend the CA60 20B to our customer base!”

Nobles i- mop XL Scrubber

Get the maneuverability of a mop with the cleaning performance of a walk-behind scrubber with the I-Mop XL. The i-mop XL makes it possible to clean any surface with freedom of movement and great ease of use. With its versatile movement, it is able to clean hard-to-reach corners of flooring, Curtis’ staff uses the I-Mop XL on a regular basis for warehouse cleaning. “The I-Mop XL is a very durable and efficient piece of equipment that I highly recommend,” said Curtis. “It’s utilized in our facility and highly rated by our janitorial staff.”

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