Office Insider: Promotional Products Assistant

Office Insider: Promotional Products Assistant

Some of the best uses for office products may not be as obvious as you may think! Check out our very own print and promotional products professional Amy, as she gives you her favorite office hacks from her 15 years experience at Warehouse Direct!

My Workplace Routine
My workload is more or less the same routine every day, so it’s important I follow my workday to-do list to power through it! I start by checking all the emails that I need to respond to before I start my day. After, I prepare the daily paperwork I need to follow up on for the day. My position relies on customer orders, so printing out the orders I need to place and their sales quotes is a must for me. Once I get those files in place, I organize and file all the done orders and start all over again! 

Favorite Office Accessory:

As I mentioned before, filing is an important aspect of my job to keep organized as well as help my team to locate files I process. My go-to office organization tool is Polypropylene file folders because they keep my papers (even from a year ago) in great condition and they don’t curl. I am very particular about how my papers look, and these folders keep them near perfection!

Secret Office Hack:
Binder clips are my favorite! I use them for all my paperwork but they also have a secret purpose that gets me through some workdays. My secret tip: They are great to hold my hair up if I forget to bring a hair-tie to work! This is a lifesaver for me.

Products I always have on hand:
Post-It’s are my obsession, I use them for everything. Whether it’s writing a quick note to a co-worker or using them as a self-reminder for a task, I cannot live without my post-it at the workplace. If I run out, I would be in trouble!

Clorox Wipes
Since I am a clean-freak, a clean workspace is extremely important to me. I always have a good supply of Clorox wipes available at my desk. Cleaning my area not only is great for me, but my co-workers appreciate my tidy space as well. 

Workplace Envy
One day, I hope I can have a Fellowes Sit-Stand desk at my work station. I use a fit-bit daily, so having a desk I could do work in a standing position could help me get more steps in! My health and wellness are important to me, even while I’m at my desk.

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