Be the top dog at your workplace: 4 amazing tips to make you stand out

Be the top dog at your workplace: 4 amazing tips to make you stand out

Ready to take the throne of the best employee at your workplace? With so many resources available at the click of a button, there is no reason to over-work when it’s not necessary. So sit back, and read about products to invest in the person who deserves to be the best at all they do in the workplace: You.

1. Logitech Marble Mouse

” I haven’t used a traditional mouse for decades, this seems so much better and easier than traditional mice. I can’t imagine anyone ever going back to a traditional version after using this.”

Fred, Account Manager at Warehouse Direct

Whether you’re left or right-handed, when you’re working on your computer day and night, you want more flexibility and comfort. And that’s what you’ll get with the Trackman® Marble® mouse. The stays-put trackball design with a long, broad palm area and gentle curves keeps your hand comfortable and supported all day. The conveniently-located button controls let you move forward and backward with ease, and you’ll enjoy fast, accurate cursor movement with just a move of your finger. Plus, the patented Marble® optical technology gives you smooth tracking on almost any surface, so you can be productive wherever you work.

2. 3M’s Post-it Note Pads

Post-It notes may seem standard, but believe it or not, they have a huge benefit on your work productivity. Post-It notes provide a place to write a fantastic idea in a quick, concise, and visible manner. Post-it® Notes Original Pads are also perfect for leaving notes of encouragement. Trust Canary Yellow, the most familiar color, with your important messages. Self-stick, removable adhesive sticks securely, removes cleanly.

3. Save $ on cleaning – $150 to be exact!

There is no better way to impress the boss than finding money savings for the company! Make your stamp of being the best employee by getting your hands on Warehouse Direct’s End-User Rebate on Clorox Products. Stock up now before flu season hits and before this amazing offer ends!

4. And the best for last… More savings on over 300 products!

Need something so specific it almost seems impossible to find? Luckily for you, Warehouse Direct currently has a Christmas in July Sale going on until the end of July! With over 300 overstock products with huge savings, there is bound to be something you have always wanted for your workplace. The best part? Prices are so low it’s a steal. Take advantage of our overstock inventory today.

Warehouse Direct Workplace Solutions
Warehouse Direct Workplace Solutions

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