Benefits of Workplace Ergonomics (Your back will forgive you)

Benefits of Workplace Ergonomics (Your back will forgive you)

Let’s face it – our backs carry stress, aches, and pains of our everyday routine at the workplace and beyond. Though there are many contributing factors to pain, there are many solutions to help reduce these common workplace aches.

Workplace ergonomics is not only a great investment for employees, for companies as well. Studies have uncovered the impact of ergonomics benefits strategic business goals, such as cost savings, productivity, and product quality.

Whether you are an employee or the CEO of your workplace, keep reading to learn why implementing workplace ergonomics is a benefit for employees and overall business:

1. Ergonomics decreases costs. Did you know that most Musculoskeletal Disorders account for 33% of all worker injury and illness cases? This means those common workplace issues such as Carpal tunnel, tendonitis. and muscle strains and low back injuries result in lost time at the workplace and higher costs in worker’s compensation. Applying ergonomic office supplies reduces both of these losses, benefiting employee’s wellness and the company’s financials.

2. Ergonomics results in higher productivity. Have you ever felt a loss of motivation to grab a workplace product at your desk because it’s not easily accessible? An ergonomic deskspace provides motivation to utilize a desk space (and it supplies) to its full potential. By designing a job to allow for good posture, less exertion, fewer motions, and better heights and reaches, the workstation becomes more efficient.

3. Ergonomics improves quality of work. Poor ergonomics leads to frustrated and fatigued workers, resulting in a poor quality of work. Imagine a daily job task that is physically taxing and doesn’t have to be – it wouldn’t be surprising if you began to produce lower quality work due to unnecessary pain caused by it. Improve results simply by implementing workplace environments that decrease stress and pains to the body.

4. Ergonomics improves employee morale. Who doesn’t appreciate a new desk space, office supplies, or an office chair? Applying ergonomics to your workplace will increase the morale of your office, which usually results in higher productivity. An investment in an ergonomic workplace positivity affects the emotional satisfaction of employees.

5. Ergonomics creates a solid workplace safety culture.  Show your employees their health is the most important aspect of your workplace. Employees who are healthy at work leads to higher productivity in work and fewer days they have to take off. Employees are the most valuable asset to any business – the time is now to invest in them and their health!

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