The Truth Behind Paper Towels: 3 Ways to Eliminate Waste At Your Workplace

The Truth Behind Paper Towels: 3 Ways to Eliminate Waste At Your Workplace

Environmentally conscious companies monitor restroom paper towel consumption. Learn how you can save more paper and money by switching your paper towel choices.

Did you know your choice in a paper towel for your restrooms can change the environment and costs for your company? Warehouse Direct is here to guide you in your hand-drying options when comparing folded paper towels to rolled paper towels. Learn why your company should switch from folded to the rolled paper towel in your facility:

  1. Think of the Environment
    If your company is environmentally conscious, you should consider how much less waste rolled paper towel makes compared to a folded paper towel. Most folded paper towel dispensers allow the user to grab more than they need, using only a small portion of the sheet per use. In many cases, a person may be using 40% more paper than companies using roll towels in a wall dispenser.  Do you have a large company? Keep in mind the larger the company, the more significant the waste. Over a year, this means hundreds of pounds of paper wasted and not good for the environment.
  2. Efficiency is Key
    Roll towel dispensers are much more efficient.  With the right system, the towel presented un-folded allows a greater area of the sheet to be used.  Some dispensers will only unwind and cut one towel at a time, significantly reducing waste. Consider bringing “Hands-free” roll towel dispensers, meaning a user only touches the sheet they’ll use. They come spring-loaded and powered by a battery. BONUS: They considerably decrease the spread of bacteria making a healthier workplace. 
  3. Save your Paper ($)
    Think about how many times a person uses the restroom a day at the workplace. A restroom is a high traffic location, which means restroom products such as paper towel can be costly! Roll towel systems come in lengths up to 1000 feet. The longer roll footages provide the best cost-in-use, reducing run-outs and refill labor. Some dispensers have an end-of-roll transfer system eliminating stub roll waste. This saves your company money on service and product, which can be substantial.

Warehouse direct Janitorial and Supply Specialists have conducted thousands of customer site evaluations.  We can help determine, at no cost, the best in class towel dispensing systems that fit your needs.  In many cases, we can install new systems at no cost to you. Get a consultation now by clicking here.

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