Office Insider: Administrative Professional Edition

Office Insider: Administrative Professional Edition

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Ready for the best of the best administrative professional tips, tricks, and secret hacks? Warehouse Direct has interviewed our longtime administrative professional, Sue to get insider knowledge about the latest and greatest in office supplies. Read below to learn Sue’s expert tips to make your work life easy and stress-free:

Sue, Administrative Professional

My Workplace Routine
I utilize my computer a lot when it comes to planning my workday. Using my email technology, I set daily and weekly reminders of tasks that need to be completed. I also am a huge fan of organizing my workplace documents on the company server. It helps me organize where to find documents I need to locate later and my team to access them too. It saves me time (and a headache) when I need to access something I haven’t opened in a couple of weeks!

Favorite Office Accessory:
My job requires creating large brochures and presentations for our customers & staff. The Fellowes Spectra 95 Laminator is a lifesaver for creating multiple booklets and proposals that need to be ready at once. With its heat operation, it binds and creates perfect presentations within minutes. I turn on the machine and it takes a few minutes to heat up for its use. During this time I usually print and organize the proposal pages accordingly. I insert all of the contents for the booklet or the proposal at once and it creates the perfectly bond book in less than 5 minutes. This has saved me hours of time rather than using a traditional binding machine and provides high-quality products for my customers.

Secret Office Hack:
I am left-handed, so finding the right pen to jot down my daily notes is important to me. Precise V5 Stick Roller Ball Pens are my secret weapon. The ink dries quickly so there is less smudging on my hand and the paper. This little hack is a life-saver for a lefty like me!

Products I always have on hand:

Avery Labels
I cannot live without Avery labels! My job requires that I make labels for shipping, receiving, and custom label projects. If I run out of labels I would be in bad shape! I love these labels because provides a free template to print out perfect labels. There is nothing worse than printing labels that are not aligned correctly!

Post-its are always at my desk. Since I juggle many projects that require printing or moving around the office, I don’t always have the time to check my computer alerts for important appointments or reminders. I use post-its for important reminders around my desk I cannot miss.
BONUS TIP: I use scotch tape to place them to make sure they don’t go anywhere.

Post-its Flags
These miniature post-its are very useful for my team and others when I create a bid. When I print out a bid that requires a signature, I use these to notify the signer where I need their signature. It also helps my team know where to look for the bid signatures once it’s returned and approved. This gets the job done quickly and effectively as possible.

Workplace Envy
I really envy those who are extremely organized on their desk. Even though my documents on my computer are organized, the printed papers, folders, etc. are not always. My co-worker Ron is meticulous about filing all his paperwork in his filing cabinet using folders to organize them by category. I have worked with him for years and this is something I want to be better at.

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